WOW! Has been a loong time since my last post. but…

As pointed out by one of my friends, to whom I recently asked to give me some feedback about my website, my “blog” is very…quiet.

Last post was in June 2017 and was about the launching of my new web site.

I was tempted to just remove the blog. I am extremely busy, I can’t think to sit here and write a blog, a post on Facebook, post pictures on Instagram, and Thank God! I don’t have/don’t know how to use Twitter!!

And beside all these reasons, I have myself problems to read others’ blogs. Yes, I do…too many words just to give away a recipe! 🙂

I was almost clicking the button “erase blog” , when I had this thought: what if I plead to myself (and to my “accidental” readers) to write short posts where I give my recipes first, and then I write some information about the Gastronomy that is linked to that recipe?

What if this is the only place where I can talk about other Countries’ Gastronomy, not just the Italian (that it’s too easy).

Yes, I am an Italian chef, I love my Gastronomy, proud to be a sort of “Ambassador” of my Country. Proud to show/teach how easy and healthy is the Italian Gastronomy (not like what you’ve seen on TV or magazines).

But..I have a deep respect for the Gastronomy of other Countries, I use them myself. Lately I fell in love with Pad Thai, I’ve tasted the original, and able to reproduce one at decent level.

So, here is my plead: I plead not to write more than  350  letters (I just checked the “word count”), I plead to give my recipes first and then a small talk about it, I plead to give also pictures.

Next post: I’ll talk about Gastronomy, what is it and why is so important for me for me as a “always on the move” family.