Gluten free potatoes gnocchi:

Ingredients for 6

1 kg red potatoes

300gr gluten free flour

1 egg


Boil the potatoes with their skin on for about 30/40 minutes. Check with a knife when they are soft.

When ready, peal the potatoes and mash them.

Once mashed, spread the potatoes so they can loose all the moist.

Put the mashed potatoes in a large bowl; add flour, egg and salt to taste (taste the dough).

Tip: you can add some herbs like fresh dill or just a hint of garlic or chili.

On a flour dusted table, roll the dough and cut in small pieces. Roll the pieces in small balls and using a fork give the shape you like.

Here a short video about the shaping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyaY-35Cjcs

Bring to boil a big pan with salty water. Soon as the water starts boiling, cook the gnocchi, stirring just at the beginning . They will be ready when they float.

Perfect sauce combination: pesto sauce or tomato sauce.

And now, some narratives.

One of the services I offer is “Birthdays” cooking class. What makes this class special is that the program is tailor-made and the three course meal includes birthday cake and a glass of Prosecco.

I had one the 17th of March, Michelle’s 50th birthday celebration.

Emma, who organized the event, asked me for a Gluten Free class. No problem, it’s one of my favorite because I can show how easy and tasty it is preparing gluten free fresh tagliatelle and pizza. And the lunch included had to be, obviously, gluten free

After an extensive exchange of messages about the event (Emma and I wanted everything to be perfect), the DAY finally arrived.

Nine women, cheerful and simply happy to be here, entered in my kitchen and for 5 hours straight we worked really, really hard to have fun 🙂

While I was taking an extra care of the Birthday girl, I suddenly realized that the only one on gluten free diet wasn’t Michelle (the star of the day) but Kathleen, one of the participants. I was surprised. I assumed that Gluten Free class was given as present to Michelle. After all, it was HER birthday.

Instead, they asked Gluten Free class for her friend, so she could also fully enjoy the day. They explained that their is a 15 years friendship and they all love each other very much. And I could tell, their love was real, tangible. I was simply and genuinely moved from their affection and the five hours event passed very quickly, too quickly.

I wish everybody, me included, can find such affection, kindness, and mutual understanding like these ladies found in each other.

Happy 50th Michelle, you are a very lucky woman.


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