HOT CHOCOLATE! The Italian way and cooking classes for Uni/College students.

Ingredients – yield 6 portions

  • 500gr milk
  • 120gr good quality dark chocolate (60%). For a nice twist, why don’t you try flavored chocolate: dark chocolate and raspberry,
    mint, chili pepper (I buy them form Lidl, has a great selection of chocolate)
  • 20gr cocoa powder
  • 20gr corn flour
  • 40gr sugar


  1. Mix sugar, corn flour and cocoa powder and sift. This will prevent cocoa powder and corn flour to “lump” in the milk.
  2. Warm up the milk, add the mixture and whisk it thoroughly.
  3. Add the dark chocolate and whisk until dissolved and lightly thicken.
  4. Serve very hot 🙂

Ok: 2 days left before Christmas. Yesterday I was in town, Aberdeen, on Union Street at around 4PM. I know…you are already lifting your eyebrows..

WHAT A MAYHEM!! I think that also the bus drivers were mad, trying to get into your lane, because nobody was in the mood to give them space (as usually happens) 🙂

And all the people on the roads, carrying bags, and packages…While I was in the car trying to get into my favorite shop, Nisbet (Heaven for caterers) I repeated to myself:
“Never ever come again on Saturday BEFORE Christmas! Stay at home! Do your presents at least ONE month before and then watch the other walk like chicken on the run!
I know, this is everybody’s “Christmas resolution”… and then everything stop, the time goes by and we forget all about it…and next year we will be again, hitting the roads two days before Christmas
and telling yourself”…Never ever..etc.etc..”

If you are still looking for an original Christmas present, cooking is always welcome. And please: I don’t want to be your plan B…when you don’t know what to give. I mean…at least try to think about a cooking class to give BEFORE going to the bubble bath or scented candles section 🙂

I know, they are cheaper. But hey, 47 pounds for a class and a full three courses lunch/dinner are well spent and whomever will receive a cooking experience voucher, will thank you again, and again.
There is still time, while you drink your hot chocolate. Just ask and I’ll send you the e-voucher for the class you like.
ONE TO ONE for young adults (NEW): Three blocks course where I’ll teach how to survive when they leave the nest, for Uni, College or other epic adventure in the real life.
MACARONS: still one of most popular class. Full of color and flavor, class is open to any skill level, even bakers or cake makers. Bag full of macarons to take at home is included.
PASTA PARTY: perfect for team building experience, family celebration or even hen parties.  it’s the only class up to 14 people. It’s, at the end of the class, when lunch is on, a real party starts and the last thing I will do is to look at the watch.
Three hours is the plan (class and lunch), but never happens.
LASAGNA AND TIRAMISU (NEW) I will demonstrate how to prepare the sauce (Bologneise and bechamelle) and you will assemble your own lasagna to take at home with you.
Tiramisu: you will prepare it (this is hands on dessert) and take it away.
PIZZA AND GELATO: quick demo about how to prepare a delicious ice cream without using the ice cream machine, and then hands on your pizza: from the dough, to the topping and baking. Restaurant style.

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