Confidence to cook

This is a ONE to ONE class where the class size is three students ONLY.

You will improve your cookery skills but ALSO your confidence..to cook, expanding your culinary experience, adding new skills , new dishes and

you will get better with your knives. We will learn how to use soup makers, slow cookers,mixers, food blender and all the tools that make your life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

This is the perfect class for “soon to be UNI students” or for whom is in charge of the house cooking.

The program is tailor made and after a brief interview, I’ll prepare the right recipes focusing on the skills you need to improve.

Three blocks classes: £250 p/p (in Kintore)

Example of program:

SOUPS  such as Minestrone, Lentil soup  and Carrot and ginger soup

BAKERY  such as Ciabatta Bread , Dinner rolls  and Pizza

MAIN  such as Gnocchi , Fresh Tagliatelle  and Spaghetti alla Carbonara

SAUCES such as Pesto, Bolognese sauce , Tomato sauce

CAKES such as Carrot Cake , Ice cream  and “Tiramisu” Cheese cake   

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