Samantha Pack, chef in Aberdeen

Here's my background

I was born and raised in Italy, with British heritage. People assume that because I am Italian therefore I learned cooking from my mother or grandmother. Neither of them was a great cook or had time to teach me.

Simply: I’ve been always curious about food and 14 years ago, when I left Italy to live abroad, I was “forced” by the circumstances to refine my style in order to “feed” my family with proper Italian food.

Since then I never stopped to refine, experiment, create ingredients that in Italy you can easily find in supermarkets: I prepare my own cheese (mascarpone, ricotta) and my own sausages and salame….and bread, pizza, focaccia…you name it.

Now after all these years of traveling around the world, Egypt first then USA and now UK, I refined my cooking style that is authentic Italian, but with a special twist thanks to all the influences I was in contact with.
In 2014 I finally realized one of my dream: I attended Aberdeen College graduating Chef in 2015. This course gave me the opportunity to improve my skills, to gain the confidence and to cook at professional level.

Team building

Cooking experience for Corporate events.

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We can work together for a one-o-one cooking session or you can participate to one of my cooking classes

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Cooking classes

Learn all the Italian cooking secret in one of my cooking classes. You can choose from different kind of courses

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