Survival cooking program

This program aims to provide young adults , ages 16 and older and adults at the opportunity to explore food service as a career path, as well as increase their ability to live independently by learning to cook for themselves.

Program is in 4 sessions, 3 to 4 hours each. It will cover: knives skills as well as using kitchen tools like food processors, slow cookers, mixers and all the equipment that makes the life in the kitchen more enjoyable and easier.

Soups, bakery, main courses with chicken/pork/beef, cakes and easy desserts. Load of tips on how to cook healthy in no time, saving money on takeaways and ready meal.

Cost is: 250 pp ingredients excluded (we will design the program and keep an eye on cost control)

Where: Kintore or Aberdeen

for further info please contact: info@cooksdayoff.co.uk

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