Corporate – Team building experience cooking classes

Some of your team might think cooking is too hard  or might don’t enjoy it..

Some might think are not good with knives and pans, and for others Masterchef is like a horror movie: shouting, crying, running and swearing.

Cooking together with  friends and colleagues will change their mind. It’s 100% entertaining and fun and the best part of the day is… have a meal together.

Everyone will accomplish successfully their “cooking” goals and working, as a team, will empower the bonding needed to make your Group-Company more successful.

My classes are tailor made, and using the kitchen at CFINE (https://www.cfine.org/) we will also accomplish something GREATER: helping the Community.

CFine has a newly renovated training kitchen, with eight full operative cooking stations. This means serious cooking and fun, well combined.

Drop me a message and we can start building a fantastic experience.

Samantha Pack